Creditinfo West Africa

We are actively involved in steering Africa’s business, structure and strategic management, with the aim of increasing the stability of the African financial system and stimulating investment and financial inclusion, in order to create an environment in which African banks can provide the necessary services for all borrowers, ranging from small businesses to micro enterprises.

The private sector in Africa plays a key role in improving financial inclusion and providing the financial infrastructure necessary for sustained economic growth. Creditinfo will develop an advanced system that will be an integral part of Africa’s financial infrastructure by providing high quality credit information for the financial sector.

Through the exchange of information, credit reporting systems can be established, enabling financial systems to use relevant information to offer credit on an objective basis. This results in lower risk and costs for the creditor and increased economic opportunities for SMEs and individuals, especially those at the bottom of the financial pyramid.

Leading global provider of credit information services

Creditinfo is a leading global provider of credit information services and credit risk management solutions, including decision-making tools, models and software. Creditinfo Group, established in 1997, has been among the most successful companies in its field. It is often the preferred partner of local credit bureaus, having been selected and retained in several tenders funded by the World Bank, IFC, Millennium Challenge Corporation, and other international organisations.

The most recent are in Tanzania (Central Bank), Sudan (Central Bank) and Cape Verde (Chamber of Commerce). Creditinfo’s strength lies in setting up credit bureaus in emerging credit markets, and hosting, managing and providing credit and credit-related data to clients, either directly or through partnership agreements.