Features and benefits of the HelloCreditinfo solution


Optimised access



Solvency report and clearance certificate

HelloCreditinfo allows you to download a full PDF report and share it with a third party. It is also possible to request a clearance certificate and download it for any purpose.



The chatbot can also
integrate with third-party APIs such as payment gateways or verification services.
verification services.



Functionality enabling the customer to register a dispute following the discovery of an inconsistency relating to personal data or credit data.

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This service is available via WhatsApp and lets you

  • Interact with a Creditinfo operator digitally;
  • Digitalising access to credit reports for consumers;
  • Enable consumers to consult their situation remotely without having to travel;
  • Digitalising disputes, since consumers will be able to initiate a dispute themselves from a chatbox;
  • Download their own credit report as many times as necessary and share it with third parties;
  • Request a clearance certificate and download it for any purpose.
  • Increase the financial inclusion of credit consumers in the WAEMU.